Annie Robinson

A beautiful mind to me is rediscovering the benefits of being socially active. After I retired from teaching I became depressed. I was discouraged about aging. I was overweight, could barely walk and didn't have much of a social circle. I began going to Mather's — More Than a Cafe because the people there were friendly and would talk to me.

The big shift came when I participated in Prime Time Sister Circle, a program for African American women in the prime of their lives. I thought aging was sad, but the others in the program didn't act like old people! They just lived their lives, took courses and went on trips.

I'm at Mather's at least three times a week for activities, workouts and volunteering. I've revived my childhood interest in singing, and even performed at Taste of Chicago. I've lost 80 pounds. My doctor says I look 20 years younger.

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