Judy Peres

A beautiful mind means not becoming rigid in my thinking, maintaining the ability to solve problems in new ways, and being able to listen to what others have to say and really HEAR them. I stay socially active by maintaining close relationships with old friends and seeking out new ones.

I was a journalist for 40 years, but the industry went into a tailspin and I worried about my job. Then my partner, David, found a project that captured his imagination and mine: the 1887 Globe Elevator, which was once the world's biggest grain elevator but now in danger of being dynamited and thrown into a landfill. He formed a company to salvage the antique lumber, and I joined him on the weekends. Then we created a related company, of which I am now CEO, and I left my job as a writer.

We continue to learn something new every day, which keeps us young. I've learned to value risk-taking and reaching beyond my grasp.

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